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Tim Merrick @ Focal Plane Photo

Like many small coastal communities, Fair Isle depends heavily on tourism for income.

Famous for its knitwear, the romance of reports of distant gales in sea area Fair Isle on the shipping forecast and a magnet for rarity-seeking birdwatchers, Fair Isle punches above its weight in drawing visitors from across the world. Others, who may never have the opportunity to visit, are still fascinated by what life is like in such a remote community and are often keen to learn more about the culture and heritage of the island, as well as the challenges and benefits of living here. Fair Islanders are proud of all the Isle has to offer and keen to share their experiences and knowledge with others. A recent consultation on the community priorities for the Fair Isle MPA highlighted the importance of the marine resource in supporting local tourism and a desire to enhance the visitor experience by finding different ways to connect visitors with authentic stories from island residents.

Funding from Rural and Island Communities Ideas into Action delivered by the Scottish government led to the commissioning of a series of short films by Tim Merrick, a keen photographer and film-maker who came to the island as short-term nursing cover. The films were all developed in consultation with the community who decided the stories to be told and wrote and voiced the scripts. QR codes located at strategic points around the island will now allow visitors to access these films during their visit and learn more about many different aspects of island life and history, including its wildlife and the marine protected area.

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Fair Isle An Introduction

Fair Isle A Short History of the Isle

Fair Isle The Wildlife

Fair Isle The Knitting Industry

Fair Isle Technological Advances in Island Life

Fair Isle An Artistic Perspective

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